Boho Life

PR pro PaigeWolf tells how her passion for going green turned her business into a lifestyle of her dreams.

Whether it’s pilates, fashion, or public relations, for Paige Wolf, owner of Paige Wolf Media & Public Relations in Philadelphia, those interests co-exist harmoniously in her life.

That’s because several years ago, Wolf transformed her busy home-based office into a recycled oasis. Although her workspace is tiny compared to corporate campuses that emit tons of waste each day, Wolf said she believes in doing her part to make the world a better place.

Originally, Wolf implemented tried-and-true green products in her office, including compact fluorescent light bulbs, reusable cloth bags, and recycled paper goods.

Now, Wolf bikes or walks to local meetings and advocates eco-friendly living by sharing “green tips” in each issue of her industry newsletter.

“I’m always trying to take green living a step further,” she says.

Wolf and her husband even began a composting project in the backyard.

Today much of her clientele are focused on organic products and green living. This is a change from the past when she largely represented clients who had busy lives and paid little attention to their ecological footprints. Now, Wolf says, in every industry people are warming up to the idea of green living.

“While I like to think of it as a niche right now,” Wolf says, eco-friendly offices “will become universal in the future.”

We hope so.

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