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Beautiful Boho Wall Art

We’ve found the best wall art we’ve seen in recent years on Pintrest, and we’re dying to share it with you! It’s well known that the Boho artist has to make his own house a small piece of art that inspires him to create every morning, and to go to [...]

Boho Nail Trends for 2019

We’ve scoured far and wide and brought you the best Boho nails! Special patterns, and subtle colors and an artist’s flair are what makes a regular nail job into a Boho one. There are very little rules about Boho clothing and nail art, so you shouldn’t worry about your nails [...]

Boho Wedding Food Ideas

Boho. The movement, the art and the soul of a counterculture fed up with a mechanized, industrial, consumerist world that surrounds us. Boho is becoming more and more popular as time goes on, and “Boho weddings” are one of the most searched terms online. Boho weddings follow a specific rustic, [...]

What is a Boho wedding dress

Bohemian-styled weddings are becoming more and more popular by the day, and “Bohemian wedding dress” is one of the most commonly searched wedding dresses. So many couples are opting for a rustic, homely ceremony with a regular, loose and flowery bohemian dress and venue. But what is considered a real [...]

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