We’ve found the best wall art we’ve seen in recent years on Pintrest, and we’re dying to share it with you! It’s well known that the Boho artist has to make his own house a small piece of art that inspires him to create every morning, and to go to bed satisfied every evening.

If we’re constantly surrounded by art, our muse has an easier time getting to us and inspiring us to make great work. And nothing invigorates a muse more than looking at existing artwork, and we hope you’ll get inspired and hyped up to redecorate your bedroom wall.

The Bohemian Rug on the Wall


This beautiful hand-woven Indian rug is both fashionable and functional, it acts like a bedpost and keeps your head warmer when you sleep. The beautiful warm orange color of the rug is, as always, a perfect contrast to the plain white walls. The small decorations and patterns are also a beautiful contrast to the plain, industrialized modern look of the walls. Using rugs as a wall decoration has a long history in Boho cultures, and is still practiced in Slavic lands like Russia or Poland.

Those aren’t the only contrasts this rug does, it also contrasts itself! The solid, perfect geometric patterns of the rug contrast with its own freehand symbols in the corners, giving this piece of art layers upon layers. You might lose yourself and stare into the rug for a while, slowly drifting off to sleep…

This is a very simple decoration to make, but it pays off. It keeps your room warmer; it helps you sleep better, and it’s beautiful to look at.

The Woven Plates on the Wall


These beautiful, asymmetrical woven plates are perfect for any blank spot on your wall. They’re unique and well-crafted, and can be used as regular fruit plates in times of struggle. That’s an innocent joke right there, but using different accents, patterns and sizes is a staple Boho theme, and we can notice that a few of those plates are actually a bit more bowl-shaped. This “3d” piece of art is simply stunning, and as any other piece of Boho art, it’s a great conversation starter, and doubly so if you’ve woven those plates on your own. If you have a Boho friend that’s getting married, Boho plates are a thoughtful wedding gift.

The colorful plates contrast with the plain white wall, and that produces a warm feeling of beauty and something filling the blank space of the wall. The asymmetrical, wavy positioning of the plates implies they weren’t all fit there at once, but that careful care over time got them to this look.

Driftwood Jewelry Wall Display


This Boho Wall décor is, at the same time, a work of art and a good utilitarian solution to organizing your jewelry. We can see four driftwood branches, though they don’t necessarily have to be driftwood, any branch you find outside on a hike will do. They’re held by a simple nail, string and knot to the wall, and they have a myriad of different boho jewelry hanging from them.

The bright colors of the driftwood contrast perfectly with the dark cabinet below, and the small accents of color completely round up this exquisite experience. This is the cabinet your guests will take a long time to look at, and you’ll likely get asked where the jewelry is from. Maybe you made it yourself. Maybe those are al gifts from past friends and lovers. Who knows? Don’t even tell them.

This is a real conversation starter and deserves a place in every home.

Dreamcatcher’s Heaven


This beautiful work of art features several dreamcatchers just above the bed post. The dreamcatchers are unique and hand-made, with beautiful feathers dangling above your head, lulling you softly into a blissful sleep.

There is a distinct asymmetry in this work of art, and it leads us to believe this was not something made overnight, but a long process of collecting dreamcatchers over a long time. Who knows where these dreamcatchers came from, they might have been gifts from friends or family, or they might have been made by the person lying in that bed every night. Why were they made? We just don’t know. But we can imagine a story about someone who has trouble sleeping, and needs some extra connection to Mother Nature and the way of things.

All in all, just looking at this serene bedroom is making us drowsy, and that’s a well-needed respite in today’s fast-paced modern world.


An artist has to make art in all walks of life, and making your home into a work of art is neither quick nor easy, but in the end you have a house that tells a deep tale of who you are and what you aspire to be.


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