We’ve scoured far and wide and brought you the best Boho nails! Special patterns, and subtle colors and an artist’s flair are what makes a regular nail job into a Boho one. There are very little rules about Boho clothing and nail art, so you shouldn’t worry about your nails being “boho-worthy”.  Boho-chic is becoming more and more popular with the mainstream crowd too, and even if you’re someone not that into the Boho fashion style, you can dazzle your friends with your newest nail look.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner artist and go wild with complementary AND clashing colors, with small rural desings and makeshift patterns, embrace colors both neutral and dark like gray and light brown, but neon colors like hot pink and soft blue. Glitter or not? Your choice.

My nails don’t look as perfect like those on Pintrest do

Most artists showcase their best possible work online, and you shouldn’t be discouraged. Keep trying, and you’ll eventually have perfect nails you’re proud of. What you’re going through is something every artist went through. While it might hurt and you might think their moves are quick and effortless, remember that they used to be where you are, looking at other people’s work and lamenting their lack of skill and experience.

Be patient and know that you’ll eventually get there, and never give up. A boho artist is often their own harshest critic.

sensual monochromatic boho nails

How to properly paint your nails as an artist

There are important steps many girls ignore because they believe it’s simply too bothersome to do. In order to have the highest quality nails, it’s importatnt that you follow these steps.

Step 1: apply a primer. Just like how the Mona Lisa wouldn’t look great if done on copy machine paper, you need to prime your nails so that the nail polish is lacquered on just right.

Step 2: apply a base layer and double it if necessary; this will be the foundation upon which you’ll make a great piece of art.

Step 3: draw you geometrical patterns!

Step 4: don’t sweat the small stuff, small mistakes aren’t going to ruin your look.

Step 5: apply a clear nail polish to keep your work of art from chipping.

Step 6: let them dry completely. Don’t blow into your nails or wave your hands around, that’ll just damage the artwork.

nice and quirky boho nails

Boho ideas for your nails

Anything that screams “Boho”, such as dream catchers, simple patterns, feathers, leaves, flowers and other motifs. You’re free to basically use any tribal symbol from a mix of fantastic cultures of old like Turkey, Greece, France, Morroco, India, Egypt and Astec societies. You might even strike up a conversation with someone when you sport these nails.

On the other end of the spectrum, the simpler patterns, lines, dots, colors and geometric shapes turn your nails into an eye-catching work of art.

Great instruction videos

We’ve found a few beautiful videos done by enthusiastic artists and we felt like sharing these.  Try these looks out, you might like them.


Nail extensions or real nails?

Most of the time, we would never advise using nail extensions. No work of art is meant to last forever, and going as natural as you can is Boho. But with these newest Gel extensions, we’re changing our mind. Unlike their older acrylic sisters, gel nail extensions do a good job and don’t damage the health of your nail.

They can be melted off in acetone after use, and it’s much easier to paint your work of art on an extension and then wear it.


Boho nails aren’t that hard to do, just use your imagination and use beautiful natural symbols like leaves, feathers, and cool patterns. Cosmic nails are all the rage these days too, and they’re not hard to do. Be free and open up your artistic soul, grab a small strand of inspiration and go do your nails now!

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