Boho. The movement, the art and the soul of a counterculture fed up with a mechanized, industrial, consumerist world that surrounds us. Boho is becoming more and more popular as time goes on, and “Boho weddings” are one of the most searched terms online. Boho weddings follow a specific rustic, country aesthetic, and the venues that offer this experience excel at it.beautiful pastries

And no wedding is complete without the wedding table filled to the brim with tasty food and a beautiful wedding cake. Not all venues offer this experience, and be sure to shop around for what you like. And ask for pictures of the other weddings held there, they’ll often give you great insight in how they actually present the food to the guests. Without further ado, let’s go over what should be on your Boho wedding menu.

What foods are Boho?

Almost all organic foods are Boho, with a strong preference for homemade, home-baked goods, pastries, fresh cold cuts of meat and cheese served on wooden plates. The same goes for all drinks, from beers to hard liquor, anything goes as long as it’s served in a beautiful, rugged beer glass, a glass jar or a wooden cup. Lots of natural salad dressings and a wide variety of salads are a must, with dried fruits, artisan chocolate, bombons and berries as an option for those sweet-tooth guests.

The unofficial rule is that everything should be sized in individual bites, to let the boho crowd at your wedding freely come, grab a bite, and go back to expressing themselves, not to be burdened with sitting down over a platter and eating. Buffets are clearly the better choice here, with small “make your own” stands like a “make your own pancake” stand with different toppings. These will awaken the culinary artist that’s sleeping in your friends and family.

Do your guests have special dietary needs?

You have to account for your guests’ special dietary needs; vegans, vegetarians, and people that require a gluten-free or nut-free serving should get one. You don’t have to rearrange your entire menu just to cater to a few guests, you can just order specialized platters for their specialized palette. Be sure to warn them beforehand of some other foods that might contain something they’re not keen on eating.


What foods to avoid

Anything pre-processed and bought in bulk, like doughnuts, store-bought cakes, pizza and hamburgers. Anything that’s made in big batches is soulless and full of preservatives, and anything a only machines make, like pre-made candy and cake roulette. While this may be more expensive, your wedding will be a memorable one, and most of your guests will try out new, quality food for the first time in their life. Instead of store-bought candy, show them the amazing world of artisan candy, and instead of doughnuts bought in bulk, impress them with home-made batches, where every doughnut is unique.

Small family bakeries and kitchens can help you out. Remember, go with soul food, not junk food.

beers in small packages

Presentation matters

Boho is a way of life, a phylosophy. But it also has a distinct visual style invoking the old, simpler times of the middle ages, and of the hippie movement. Rustic, upcycled options will complete the image, and be sure to serve food in old wooden platters, in wooden cups or ornate glass cups, and have your guests experience food in a whole other way. It’s proven that most people “taste with their eyes”, and food that is served in a beautiful way tastes better. This is why your high-quality Boho food has to be served on beautiful platters filled with décor, or old rustic wooden plates that beckon back to a simpler time.

The best steak in the world will still taste bad if served on a plastic platter, and you will never want to drink a $1,000 bottle of wine from a plastic cup either. While your guests might not precisely remember the menu they had that magical night, they’ll forever remember being whether the material of the plate was wood or plastic.

The best Boho desserts

The Bohemian is an artist, a free-thinker and a free spirit. The best Boho deserts are often single bite ones, made by hand, and easy to eat. Hot chocolate or pudding with a tasty topping or a fresh berry, cake pops, cupcakes, and many others. As long as they’re not made in a long line by a quintet of machine hands and bought at Walmart at $19.99.

beautiful cupcakes


Don’t be discouraged, it’s easy to have a simple and affordable Boho wedding, and the menu doesn’t have to be full of caviar or some other nonsense. All it takes is taking a bit of time, effort and research to make a balanced menu, and most venues, restaurants and family owned bakeries are more than prepared to meet your needs.

And, last but not least, a mediocre meal with a fabulous presentation is always very hard to beat, so even if you decide to cut some corners and shop around for deals, your guests will love the experience.


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