Boho Wedding Food Ideas

Boho. The movement, the art and the soul of a counterculture fed up with a mechanized, industrial, consumerist world that surrounds us. Boho is becoming more and more popular as time goes on, and “Boho weddings” are one of the most searched terms online. Boho weddings follow a specific rustic, [...]

What is a Boho wedding dress

Bohemian-styled weddings are becoming more and more popular by the day, and “Bohemian wedding dress” is one of the most commonly searched wedding dresses. So many couples are opting for a rustic, homely ceremony with a regular, loose and flowery bohemian dress and venue. But what is considered a real [...]

Boho Brides

The bride-to-be in love with Boho style will create an enchanting vision as a Bohemian bride. Boho inspired weddings conjure images of rustic woodland and sandy beach settings, with the bride in an ethereal gown. Long natural flowing locks topped with a floral crown and a vintage inspired, deceptively simple [...]

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