Peace, Love and Owls

Amidst the bustle of modern life, one may think we’ve forgotten about peace, love, and flower power. Luckily, a Florida-based artist, Rachel De John, keeps the spirit alive with Peace Owls and Other Lovely Things.

“I have always been a fan of the whole peace movement. I know I would have fit in perfectly during that whole ‘60s era, but I actually am very happy to be here now, wanting peace and love to still be the answer” she says.

Ms. De John creates colorful paintings, ornaments, mobiles and vases using found and re-purposed objects.

“My focus is to reuse materials and turn them from something that could be considered garbage into a painting to hang on a wall and make you smile.”

Her love of nature and the world’s beauty is a major source of inspiration. Many of her pieces feature a friendly Peace Owl, “who hopes to spread peace, love and smiles.”

She lives her philosophy through and through, sharing her eco-friendly lifestyle on her blog, Rachel Is a Dreamer, and hopes to someday pursue her art full-time.

“Right now, my Peace Owls are wanting to go on more adventures.” Her philosophy is simple “Spread peace, love, and smiles.” Join this dreamer on her quest for peace.

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