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Boho Brides

The bride-to-be in love with Boho style will create an enchanting vision as a Bohemian bride. Boho inspired weddings conjure images of rustic woodland and sandy beach settings, with the bride in an ethereal gown. Long natural flowing locks topped with a floral crown and a vintage inspired, deceptively simple [...]

Green And Glam

Peace, Love and Owls Amidst the bustle of modern life, one may think we’ve forgotten about peace, love, and flower power. Luckily, a Florida-based artist, Rachel De John, keeps the spirit alive with Peace Owls and Other Lovely Things. “I have always been a fan of the whole peace movement. [...]

Born-Again Vintage

how to give new life to your old wardrobe Authors and Vintage Hunters, Bridgett Artise and Jen Karetnick, put together an amazing book on fun and creative ways to rebirth your old vintage treasures. They have a real knack for mixing together fabulous pieces like a vintage Chanel jacket with [...]

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