Bohemian-styled weddings are becoming more and more popular by the day, and “Bohemian wedding dress” is one of the most commonly searched wedding dresses. So many couples are opting for a rustic, homely ceremony with a regular, loose and flowery bohemian dress and venue. But what is considered a real Boho dress? That’s a tough question to answer, because Boho, as a counterculture towards the materialistic , Victorian and industrial styles in the past. And later on, Boho remained a counterculture to the contemporary regular modern fashion of the time.

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In the 50’s and the 60’s, when everyone wore sundresses, tight dresses, suits and ties, Boho wore turtlenecks and free flowing dresses. And now, when everyone wears tight monochrome dresses, sweaters and turtlenecks, Boho comes back with unique, brightly colored suits and floral pattern dresses.

We’ll try to explain what makes a Boho wedding dress and what you should be looking for when you’re on the prowl for a new beautiful dress.


What makes a dress a Boho dress

Boho dresses are often very rustic and rural looking, and they lack the simplicity of most modern minimalist wedding dresses. Unlike the tight modern dresses, boho wedding dresses are very loose fitting and free-flowing. You won’t need a corset or a bodice with a boho wedding dress. Boho dresses often use more refined materials such as silk, crotchet designs, laces and silk crepe, and have very intricate designs.

Unlike some modern wedding dress trends where brides experiment with color, Boho wedding dresses are almost strictly white, nude or beige. Most boho wedding dresses have longer sleeves, and you’ll hardly ever find a sleeveless boho dress. In stark contrast to the relatively conservative sleeves, most bohemian-styled wedding dresses have sensual open backs.

What a Boho dress is not

A Boho dress isn’t ordinary, boring or tight. A Boho dress is interesting to look at and has many small details that make the person wearing the dress into a work of art. It’s not your regular dress you can buy in a chain-store, it’s something you might find in a thrift store. Boho dresses have a lot of soul. It’s hard to explain, but you can easily see the difference between a bohemian-styled dress and a regular tight modern dress.

Do you really have to go bra-less with a Boho dress?

While most proponents of the Boho style go bra-less, a nice, discreet laced white bra goes great with boho wedding dresses, along with some quality strapless bra options you can get. There’s no wrong way to wear a boho dress, and you should follow your own heart and wear what you truly like.

If you can, go bra-less wherever you can. The feeling of freedom and the loose fit are something a girl only gets to enjoy when she’s home alone and in a boho dress. If you’re a girl on the bigger side and your girls are too unruly to go bra-less, don’t feel bad about it! Having an outfit you can trust is important.

How the Bridesmaids should dress to compliment your Boho wedding dress

For Boho weddings, the bridesmaids and the maid of honor can wear any Boho dress; Boho has a very lax dress code, as long as you’re not wearing any tight, modern dress you’re good to go. For a true boho experience, the bridesmaids shouldn’t wear matching dresses, but pick out a nice boho dress they like and that fits them.

You’re free to choose any color you want, or if you want to match the colors. Be sure to talk about these details beforehand, and be sure what color and style dress you have in mind for your bridesmaids, and if their dresses should match.

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Small alterations for Boho dresses

Boho dresses are usually “wedding-ready” right out of the box and you don’t have to do any extra modifications like you would bridle a regular wedding dress.

Adding flowers or sewing in additional buttons or ribbons is something most boho brides do, and it makes your dress a part of you. There’s a big spiritual connection between the seamstress-bride and her dress. If you’re not crafty with a thread and needle, it’s okay. You can either pay a visit to a seamstress or a friend that knows how to sew. Don’t be afraid to make your nails the cornerstone of your look too!


There’s a lot of freedom when Boho wedding dress codes are concerned, and you shouldn’t worry too much. It’s not like the Boho-style police are going to crash your wedding and take you away in handcuffs. You’re free to do whatever you want as long as it’s done tastefully. Hope we helped you make the jump and grab a boho dress for your wedding.

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